Mission and Vision

Loving, Learning, Living in Christ

At Richmond Academy, we believe that education is more than just academic achievement. It is also a journey of faith and character development that prepares our students for life’s challenges and opportunities. We strive to create a caring and supportive environment where every student can grow in love, wisdom and service.

Our school mission is based on three core values: Loving, Learning and Living in Christ.


Loving, according to Matthew 25, is treating others as we would treat God Himself. We will strive to develop traits of compassion and respect in all our students. Students will be taught the joy and obligation of service to their peers and community. Teachers will seek to create in each classroom an atmosphere of positive peer pressure, where healthy relationships flourish, and true Christian love is experienced. Classroom rules will be clear and discipline will be administered with love and equity.


Learning, according to II Timothy 2:15, means that students will strive to do their best, never settling for second rate work. Students will have the opportunity to assimilate Seventh-day Adventist beliefs in an environment that is both loving and challenging. Academic excellence will be the goal for each child.

Living in Christ

Living in Christ, according to John 10:10, means that students will live the abundant life. They will learn the joy of service, the rewards of healthful living, and the practical skills needed to ensure an interdependent future. While living the abundant life Jesus promises, they will honor the commission to bring the Gospel of Christ and his soon return to the world.

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